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The Gridiron Academy is an online football performance network that provides football players of all levels with football performance training programs, football position-specific drills, mindset coaching, mental toughness training, recruiting guidance and help, and nutrition programs. Also, to help motivate your child to work out, we added a section inside the Gridiron Academy specifically for parents so you can work out with your kids and help motivate and inspire them to reach their goals! What better way than leading by example, right? We’d love it if you were apart of the family so we can help you reach your goals! Remember, no dream is EVER too big!
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Thor Plyometrics Program | Youth Spartan Training Program
Superman Conditioning Program | PNF Stretching Program
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Access To Football Position Training Programs & Drills

Quarterback Drills | Running Back Drills
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Bonuses Inside Gridiron Academy

  • Mindset Training

    The "Alpha Focused Mindset Training". Sometimes life can get tough. We might feel down, stressed, or anxious. As a member of the Gridiron Academy, you get access to the "Alpha Focused Mindset Training" program series to help you with your focus, concentration, building self-confidence, building self-esteem, goal setting, self-motivation, and mindset.

  • Recruiting

    Gridiron Elite Training and Jamin Elliott have a passion for helping kids live out their dreams of playing college football and receive a college degree to better their lives. The college football recruiting webinar is for parents and athletes who want to learn everything about the recruiting process. Your webinar presenter, Super Bowl Champ and the #1 Recruiting Advisor Jamin Elliott, presents you with valuable and critical knowledge of the college football recruiting process.

  • Nutrition

    What You Put Into Your Body Is Going To Determine Your Athletic Success Or Failure. I Want You To Succeed And Reach Your Goals! As A Bonus, You Receive Access To The Youth, High School, College, Adult, And Parent Nutrition Guides!

  • Coaching Resources

    Whether you coach at the youth level, high school level or higher, we provide you with the best coaching resources to help prepare your staff, your team, and you for success. Get access to the resources such as, "How to Motivate Your Athletes" "Testing Sheet Template" "Daily Practice Schedule Template" "Goal Setting Template" "Practice Analysis Template" "Practice Checklist" "Example Practice Plans" and to all of the workouts and drills to help you stay organized and on track to a winning season.

  • Parent Workouts

    Gridiron Elite Training and Jamin Elliott have a passion for helping kids live out their dreams of playing college football and receive a college degree to better their lives. The college football recruiting webinar is for parents and athletes who want to learn everything about the recruiting process. Your webinar presenter, Super Bowl Champ and the #1 Recruiting Advisor Jamin Elliott, presents you with valuable and critical knowledge of the college football recruiting process.

  • Community

    By you taking videos of your workouts and sharing your progress with us, we will share you with the rest of the Gridiron Network across our social media. Our pages are followed by college coaches, coaches oversees, semi-pro to professional scouts, along with the thousands of athletes apart of the Gridiron Academy. We make our members our #1 priority over anything else. If you have questions about workouts, you need modifications to a workout for the day, or you need anything at all, we are a quick message away inside the Gridiron Academy.

Additional Bonuses

  • Speed Ladder Drills Vol 1.0

  • Hip Mobility Training Drills Vol 1.0

  • Foam Roll Out Routine Vol 1.0

  • Xceler8 Speed Training Belt Drills Vol 1.0

  • Highlight Film Review & Feedback

Feedback From Our Athletes

“I have been working with Gridiron Elite Training since my senior year. Coach Jeremy has helped me grow into the athlete I am today and ultimately helped me make the University of Missouri football team. Coach Jeremy brings high energy to every single workout. When you come to work out, he's going to be ready for you. He'll make it easy on your time. He always finds the best time that will work for both of you. In my senior year of high school, we'd work out at 6 am Monday-Friday. I know he didn't have to do that, but he went out of his way to help me and it's made me eternally grateful. Even though I'm at school, Coach Jeremy is still there for me to help me. I just want to say you're getting your money's worth working with Gridiron Elite Training.”

DE - Mizzou D1

Andrew Serrano

“Coach Jeremy has helped me through my athletic career all the way back to my sophomore year of high school. I have never been pushed to be better and motivated by any other coach. Jeremy is always there for me to answer questions about anything. What really stuck with me was when he told me, "Do you want to be good, or do you want to be great? This game doesn't last forever, so make every practice, training session, and game like it's your last." He has been a huge part of my development as an athlete both on the field and off the field. If any athlete has the chance to work with him, they definitely need to.”

QB - Iowa | New Hampshire D1

Tommy Herion

“I'm a junior offensive lineman at Colgate University. Gridiron has helped me tremendously with my explosiveness and mobility in my game. One particular example which I have seen improvement from working with Gridiron is in plays where I pull as a guard. Having the hip mobility to open up from my stance and run down the line kick out a defensive lineman and explode through the block is one of the many aspects of my game that has improved from doing these drills. I love how the drills we do with Gridiron Elite Training are all movements that translate directly to field to maximize our performance and to dominate our opponent.”

OL - Colgate D1

Jack Badovinac


  • Is This Training For Everyone?

    Yes, although the majority of our athletes play football, this training can be implemented for any sport. Inside the Academy, you receive access to our speed, agility, plyometrics, strength and conditioning programs for both men and women, and more. Also, we train athletes as young as 8 years old, to athletes in their 30’s. We added training specifically for youth as well as parents inside the Academy.

  • Do I Need Access To Any Equipment?

    No you do not. We added home workouts for speed, agility, explosiveness, and strength so you can still get work in without any equipment. Our strength programs will require you to have access to weights. For our sports performance programs, we recommend having resistance bands and cones (or something to set as a marker for speed and agility) for best results.

  • How Is Your Training Different Than Others?

    Our workouts are geared toward increasing fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment, knee drive, horizontal, vertical, and multi-directional speed, and explosiveness. We really focus on improving your core strength and incorporating development and technique drills to perfect your technique. Finally, our exercises help train your range of motion around your joints to allow you to move as efficiently as possible. Finally, we are there for you. Unlike majority of online trainers nowadays that leave you in the dark and you never hear back from them after you purchase their training, we are hands-on and there for you to help with any modifications to the workouts. To verify this, simply check our Instagram and see how active we are with our followers.

  • What Are Your Prices?

    We offer a free membership, monthly membership, and a yearly membership to the Academy. Within the free membership, you get access to the free speed and agility workout, plyometric workout, strength workouts, and football drills. Our monthly and yearly membership comes with a 7 day free trial period to see if we're a good fit for each other and it includes all of our programs, football position-specific training workouts and drills, recruiting webinar and resources, coaching resources, nutrition guides, and everything else mentioned above. The monthly membership is only $5 per month (YES, everything mentioned above is only $5 per month, compared to the majority of trainers charging anywhere from $79-$150 for just one program... With Covid affecting a lot of people, I wanted to make this training affordable to everyone and still get the proper guidance and workouts to really elevate your athleticism. Our yearly membership is only $49 per year (2 months free) and this gives you immediate access to everything mentioned above and first access to all of the vol. 2.0 programs coming out this summer.

  • Is There A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, on top of the 7-day free trial period we offer you, we are so confident you will get results with this training that we are willing to give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. All we ask is that you sign in to your account at least 8 times within the first 30 days to show us you made the effort in doing the training. If you're still not seeing results after 30 days and you've signed into 8 workouts, then we will refund your money and you can still access the free membership workouts until you wish to come back.

  • Can I Cancel Anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time as a free or monthly paid member. If you are a yearly member, you can cancel at any point before your one-year renewal.